Assign Delegate Mailbox Access, Without Send On Behalf Of Access, to an Office 365 Account

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Assign Delegate Mailbox Access, Without Send On Behalf Of Access, to an Office 365 Account

Office 365, provides a way for a user to share their mailbox and delegate another, say an administrative assistant, to send emails on their behalf as well as manage their email folders.

If you want to share your mailbox, but NOT have someone have the right to send email on your behalf, an administrator of your Office 365 account can make the necessary changes.


Connect to Office365 using an administrative level account at:

Once connected the main page and menu bar will displayed.

Select the ADMIN icon

This will navigate to the Admin Center Home Page

From the USERS panel select USERS>

This will show a list of all the organizations active users

From the list of users, select the user who is SHARING their mailbox

This will open the user settings for the selected account.

Scroll down to the MAIL SETTINGS section


Click EDIT

This will display the Edit Mailbox Permissions screen for the selected account

Click in the READ AND MANAGE field

Enter the email address of full name of the user/account that will have access to this mailbox

Office 365 should resolve this name and display it as an option

Click the plus (+) symbol to the right of the account(s) which will have access to this mailbox

This will add this account/user name to the list of accounts which have/will have access to this mailbox.

Click SAVE


Office 365 will update the permissions for this mailbox

Once updated Office 365 will indicate the changes are complete

Click close.

The designated account(s) will now have access to this mailbox and contents within.

Outlook 365/2016 should automatically re-configure to open and display this mailbox.

The next time the user with permissions opens Outlook, they will see an additional mailbox in the name of the owner user / account.


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