Creating Distribution Lists / Email Aliases in Intermedia Hosted Exchange

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Creating Distribution Lists / Email Aliases in Intermedia Hosted Exchange

Go to:

Login to ADMIN HostPilot site for your company

In your Hostpilot site select EXCHANGE EMAIL

In the Exchange Email management pages, select DISTRIBUTION LISTS


Enter the name for the Distribution List, this wil be the name used by company not the email address

Enter the desired email name

Slect the desired email domain

Click the Create & Add members button

The list request wil be sent to the servers and processed

When completed the MEMBERS page for the distribution list will be displayed

Enter all or part of the name of desired member and select the CHECK to the right of the search field


Click the SELECT FROM ADDRESS BOOK icon to scroll through the available email addresses.

Click ADD

The new member will be displayed in the recipients table

Repeat this for each desired member

When all members have been added, click CLOSE

Your distribution list has now been created!

You will see a page showing your list, list name, email alias and number of members assigned to that list/alias


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