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The Intermedia Web Fax application allows you to send faxes from your computer as simply as printing a document.


To Send a Fax

From within the document you wish to fax, select the print command.

From the print interface select the printer named “Upload New Fax”

Select the PRINT button

The Upload New Fax interface will be displayed

In the OPTIONS tab

Ensure the SEND TO FAX MACHINES(S) check box is selected

In the large field at the bottom, enter the recipients fax number.

If you need to fax this document to multiple numbers, separate each number with a semi-colon “ ; “

You can add a Cover Sheet to your fax by clicking the ADD COVER SHEET button: See the Cover Sheet section for more details.

Click the PREVIEW button to review your fax document

Click SEND to begin transmitting your fax.

SPECIAL NOTE: Depending on the size and composition of the documents being sent, and your internet connection, a fax may take up to 3 seconds per page

When complete you will receive a success notification.


Cover Sheets

First Time Cover Sheet Setup

If this is the first time you are using a cover sheet you will have to enter default sender information for the cover sheet

Select the COVER SHEET tab.

In the FROM: section

Fill in your name, company name, phone number.

In the FOOTER section, you can add any additional information, such as confidentiality wording.

Note: All information added will be automatically saved, and will auto-populate into any cover sheet you begin in the future.


To add a cover sheet to your fax

From the OPTIONS tab

Select the ADD COVER SHEET button

The COVER SHEET interface will be displayed

In the TO: section enter the recipients’ Name and Company information

You should see the recipients fax number(s) in the FAX NUMBER field (Note: If you are sending the document to more than one fax number, the fax numbers will NOT show up in the Fax Number field.)

In the FROM section your Name, Company and Phone Number information should be pre-populated

(If it is not see the “First Time Cover Sheet Setup” section)

You can adjust any of these fields if you wish, for example if you are faxing from someone else’s computer and you want the cover sheet to contain your contact information.

In the SUBJECT section, you can enter a short title (40 characters or less)

In the COMMENTS section, you can enter any additional message information needed

The FOOTERS section any pre-configured footer information should be displayed. (If it is not see the “First Time Cover Sheet Setup” section)

Click PREVIEW COVER SHEET if you wish to review your cover sheet appearance.

Click OK to return to the UPLOAD NEW FAX interface


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